Discussing prognostic factors post-ACL injury with Stephanie Filbay


Had a great meeting with Stephanie Filbay in London yesterday discussing prognostic factors post-ACL injury.

I would encourage you to read the paper available on Open Access if you are a physio, doctor, or surgeon working in this area. More knowledge of the findings from this paper and the ACL injury subgroups which exist by service providers could help us to be closer to providing world best practice of anterior cruciate ligament injury in Australia. It’s been a great week in London so far and a great start to my Churchill Fellowship!

The Clinical Translator (my comments on the paper):

Patients presenting with an acute ACL injury + baseline meniscal / osteochondral injury / more severe knee pain, swelling and /or impaired function may benefit from undertaking physiotherapy involving an exercise program initially, before considering the need for surgical reconstruction. This  ensures more successful outcomes for both the patient but also the surgeon if surgery is required.

This is intended as an aid to the clinician to translate research findings into clinical practice but is my own opinion based on the available current research evidence and my clinical expertise and experience. Clinicians should consider if this advice is appropriate for them and use their own reasoning processes considering the individual patient in question

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